Transform Recovery after Birth


Educate your patients on 7 Reasons Why OT and PT Should Start in the Hospital and Home after Birth

Create a Program in the Hospital or Home after Birth and Pelvic Surgery

Like you, we believe that preventative care should not wait

Do you believe that individuals after birth should be informed on how to enhance their function immediately after delivery without having to wait and figure out things on their own?

Are hospitals in your community offering rehab services DAILY after elective surgery yet not offering therapy ONCE to patients after cesarean section?

Are you a leader in your field, advocating to improve maternal function now to avoid unwanted symptoms later?

You can establish a new standard for care globally by optimizing function after birth and pelvic surgery directly in hospitals, birth centers, and at home where recovery begins.

Level Up Care

Enhanced Recovery After Delivery

Optimize Maternal Function With Acute Care Occupational and Physical Therapy

Pregnancy to Postpartum Care from 0 - 6 weeks

Evidence Based Hybrid Program
1:1 Support and Live Monthly Calls

$ 1497
  • 30+ Self-paced lessons with experts
  • Antepartum and immediate postpartum exercise templates
  • EMR documentation templates with patient examples
  • Teaching assignment with annual access to monthly grand rounds
  • 1:1 Consultation with a specific plan to build your hospital or home-based program



*CEUs awarded to participants who meet attendance requirements for virtual training and successfully pass course examination with a score of 80% or greater.

Participants must complete one of the following assignments in the virtual training session:


What You Get

The skills to enhance pulmonary and cardiac function in the high-risk pregnancy and postpartum populations

The confidence to create a system that reduces risk factors immediately after cesarean section, hysterectomy, and more

The knowledge to improve perineal and cesarean wound healing and reduce hospital readmissions

The ability to shorten recovery process and increase the joy in clients who typically wait weeks to months for supportive care

The techniques to spot concerns earlier and be the point of contact in a person's care team to connect them with resources throughout their first year of recovery

Elevate care and optimize outcomes in your facility with Enhanced Recovery After Delivery™ for your staff. Schedule in-person or virtual training for your facility or academic institution.

The Founders

Dr. Rebeca Segraves, PT, DPT

Clinical Director | Educator

Dr. Rebeca Segraves, PT, DPT is a Board-Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist with a passion for enhancing recovery (0 – 6 weeks) after birth, surgery, and cancer treatment. She has expanded pelvic health and oncology rehab in acute care, home health, and outpatient settings. She is the founder of Enhanced Recovery After Delivery™, an obstetrics clinical pathway that maximizes mental and physical function during pregnancy and immediately postpartum with hospital and in-home occupational and physical therapy. Her vision is that every birthing person will have access to occupational and physical therapy services as standard of care.

Dr. Jenna Segraves, PT, DPT

Co-Founder | Educator

Dr. Jenna Segraves, PT, DPT is a Board-Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist and Certified Lymphedema Therapist. Her clinical experience across outpatient and inpatient settings includes orthopedics, neurology, lymphedema management, pelvic health, acute neuro/trauma, critical care, the emergency department, and inpatient obstetrics. She evaluates and treats individuals within 24 hours after birth. Dr. Segraves is passionate about expanding occupational and physical therapy services to optimize function in the immediate postpartum phase of recovery.

Course Instructors

Dr. Katherine Sylvester, PT, DPT


Dr. Ann Croghan, PT, DPT, CLC

OT and PT Breastfeeding interventions in the hospital and home

Dr. Erin Locati, PT, DPT

Administration, Reimbursement, and Justification of Obstetric Rehab Services

Our Vision

Our vision is that occupational and physical therapy will be standard of care before and after birth to optimize mental and physical function around the globe.

Enhanced Recovery After Delivery is an obstetrics clinical pathway developed through Enhanced Recovery and Wellness. We prioritize function after birth, surgery, and throughout the lifespan.