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Perinatal Health
Specialist Certification

We believe that everyone deserves access to an early and successful recovery after birth. We’re committed to enhancing function during pregnancy and after delivery in the hospital and home.

Do hospitals in your community offer occupational and physical therapy after birth and pelvic surgery?

We go beyond the standard of care.

ERAD™ is an obstetrics clinical pathway for clinicians that maximizes mental and physical function during pregnancy and immediately postpartum with hospital and in-home occupational and physical therapy.

The Experience

Enhance Maternal and Infant Care as a Perinatal Health Specialist

Advanced training for allied health and medical professionals including rehabilitation therapists, chiropractors, RNs, dietitans, osteopaths, OB/GYNs, NPs, midwives and more!

As a Perinatal Health Specialist, you will have the skills and confidence to enhance recovery and maximize function in the hospital and home around the time of:

The Perinatal Health Specialist is the only certification in the world that expands access to Occupational and Physical Therapy in the hospital and home during pregnancy and immediately after birth.

Want to build your own program? We have the guide!

Use this step by step resource guide and online library to build your own program. This is included in the ERAD™ training or for clinical use as a standalone guide.