We Enhance Prenatal & Postpartum Care Through Education and Training

We aim to educate therapists, doulas, and other healthcare professionals and teams to transform pregnancy and postpartum care for better outcomes overall.

We go beyond the standard of care.

ERAD™ is an obstetrics clinical pathway for practitioners that maximizes mental and physical function during pregnancy and immediately postpartum with hospital and in-home occupational and physical therapy.

How is care different after C-Section and hysterectomy?

What if we could change the narrative?

Every day in 2020, almost 800 women died from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

That’s why ERAD™ exists. We’re here to help you increase earlier access to your services for both prenatal and postpartum clients, starting as early as the hospital stay. Our goal is to make obstetrics rehabilitation standard of care to prioritize mental and physical function during pregnancy and immediately after delivery.

Level Up Your Care as a Practitioner

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