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Enhanced Recovery After Delivery™

ERAD™ is an obstetrics clinical pathway that maximizes pregnancy and postpartum outcomes with occupational and physical therapy before and immediately after birth.

Our goal is to make obstetrics rehabilitation standard of care to prioritize mental and physical function during pregnancy and immediately after delivery.

Expedite recovery in your facility right after birth

Obstetric Rehab in Every Setting

Birth Center



Alleviates muscle and joint discomfort during pregnancy

Improves heart and lung response to physical activity

Maximizes physical and mental conditioning for labor and delivery

Prioritizes activity tolerance and function during high-risk pregnancy

Optimizes mental and physical preparation for newborn care

Intervenes early after delivery to promote pelvic health with less dysfunction

​Promotes early healing and function after cesarean section

Maximizes safety with self-care and newborn care immediately after delivery

Addresses unexpected neuropathy, swelling, and pain early to expedite recovery

Prioritizes mental and physical function in the event of perinatal loss

Elevate obstetric care during pregnancy and immediately after delivery

Prioritize mental and physical function with occupational and physical therapy

We believe that every person has the right to access occupational and physical therapy in all birth settings to prioritize their function before delivery and immediately after birth.

Streamline the Referral Process to Obstetrics Rehab

Maximize Function After Birth in Your Facility Today

Our Vision

Our vision is that occupational and physical therapy will be standard of care before and after birth to optimize mental and physical function around the globe.

Enhanced Recovery After Delivery is an obstetrics clinical pathway developed by Enhanced Recovery and Wellness. As an organization, we are expanding early access to timely and innovative pelvic health therapy to maximize recovery and function.